A former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has called on Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State to be more proactive in fighting insecurity in the state, saying he should learn from his (Fayose’s) experience.

Fayose stated this during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, while reacting to the recent security tensions in the state, and most recently the violence that broke out in Shasha market in the Akinyele Local Government Area of Ibadan last week.

The former governor also called on all governors to come together and collectively fight the growing wave of insecurity in the country.

Fayose said Makinde was only 32 years old when he (Fayose) became the governor of Ekiti State and had to deal with similar tensions in some communities at that time.

Fayose said, “It got to a point that I probably want to be quiet, because it appears everything has broken down in our country and nobody is doing anything. The authorities are not doing anything to protect anybody.

“When the head is sick, the whole body will be in trouble. This problem is becoming a situation where you cannot tame the situation. Nigerians are daily helpless.

“In the case of Oyo State, with all due respect and without being repetitive, I think Governor Makinde needs to become proactive and everyone knew this was going to happen.

“The issue in Oyo State in the last two weeks suggests an incident like this. During my own time, I brought the Miyetti Allah to Ekiti for up to one week. I told them to graze in the appropriate areas. I was very clear.

“Governor Makinde needs to be more proactive. Oyo is a big state. Look at the Igangan incident. When a similar case happened in Ekiti, I was there the same day. I took charge of that community. I slept in that community for a fact.

“I have told Governor Makinde; I sat him down. We sat down together and I told him, your excellency, borrow from my experience. Governor Makinde would probably be 32 years old when I was governor. Kogi governor was probably 28 when I was governor.

“Get wisdom, get understanding. The fact that you are a governor does not bring the totality of wisdom to you.” 

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