A Nigerian, Nathan Ikechukwu Okubor, has been arrested by the police in India for possessing counterfeit US dollar bills.

Okubor, who was nabbed by the police at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, had allegedly reached India using a fake passport and visa.

The accused, who is from Agbor, Delta State was arrested on Monday, while trying to change the counterfeit US dollars at the Muthoot Financial Institution in the Kattoor area of Coimbatore.

According to the police, Okubor gave the bills to the money transfer officer at the institution and asked for them to be converted into Indian currency.

Officers who checked the bills revealed that they were all counterfeit. Following this, they informed the Kattoor Crime Branch Police. Officers arrived, arrested the suspect, seized his identity card and the fake US dollars.

On Tuesday, the police and ‘Q’ Branch sleuths said that Okubor, arrived in Mumbai on January 21, 2021 from Nigeria using a fake passport and visa. He told them that he came to Chennai and from there to Coimbatore by bus.

"He reached Coimbatore on Monday and checked into a lodge at Gandhipuram. He later approached the Gandhipuram branch of a forex firm with US dollar bills. The employees at the firm suspected the genuineness of the currencies and found them to be fake. 

"The forex firm immediately alerted the Kattoor police in Coimbatore who took the man into custody and arrested him later," an investigator said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Coimbatore City Police, E.S. Uma, also confirmed that the currency produced by the Nigerian was fake.

During questioning, the Nigerian claimed that he got some US dollar bills exchanged for another currency at Mumbai airport. He also told investigators that he had come to Coimbatore for the cotton business.

He has been remanded in judicial custody in Puzhal Central Prison.

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