A woman identified as Madam Nmesoma Okoye has been accused of beating her 10-year-old maid, Kosisochukwu, to death in Anambra. 

A human rights activist, Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison has taken to his Facebook page to allege that Kosisochukwu was brutally tortured. 

The help was said to have died before arriving at the hospital for treatment on February 16.

He also claimed that there was a plan to cover up the home help's death as Okoye was only apprehended by the police and not yet charged to court for murder.

Gwamnishu wrote: “They want to cover up her death. She was brutally tortured and died before arriving at the hospital for treatment on 16th February 2021.

“Madam Nmesoma is detained at SCID Awka and as usual, the police have refused to charge Madam Nmesoma to court for murder. The little girl was brutally tortured and she died before arriving at the hospital for treatment on 16th February 2021.

“The poor girl died in the hands of a woman who ought to take her as her child. With bruises all over her body, multiple stabs on her back, a child died with pain."

"Demand that Anambra State Government and Anambra Police Command charge Madam Nmesoma for murder. 

"Demand that police desist from collecting bail and settlement." 

Another Facebook user, Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma also alleged that the incident occurred three months after Okoye gave birth to her child. 

She added that Kosi was brutally stabbed in the head and other parts of the body before the young girl gave up the ghost.
She wrote: “On Tuesday, February 16 2021, while we were busy going about our normal lives, this woman named Mmesonma Okoye from Enugu state killed a ten-year-old kid by the name Kosisochukwu who was under her care as a "maid" three months after giving birth to her child

“The child Kosisochukwu was inflicted with multiple stab wounds on her head and other parts of her body until she died, what she did after that was so terrible and shocking

“She called the family of Kosi to come to a certain hospital because Kosisochukwu was very sick. On getting there, the doctor told her family that the child was long dead before they brought her to the hospital and her remains had been deposited in the mortuary, the family insisted on seeing the corpse and after much back and forth they were granted

“Lo and behold, they saw a child, brutally tortured till she breathed her last, with a fractured body and a hole in the head, now the thing is Mmesonma and her husband are trying to avert justice because, of course, late Kosisochukwu was from a very poor home, the family wants justice but as it is the DPO is not helping matters, they are crying for help, they want well-meaning Nigerians to intervene and help them get justice.

“My next post I'm going to attach the picture of Kosisochukwu while alive and her brutalized dead body.”

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