Favour Anthony, a nurse attached to the residence of a former Minister of Aviation Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has dismissed allegations of assault and sexual harassment against him, saying he never assaulted her.

A former domestic worker for Fani-Kayode, Anthonia Uchenna, had alleged that the former minister stripped his former chef naked over theft and arrested some others suspected of stealing in his house.

She added that the ex-minister had used the police to detain her on several occasions.

Uchenna said, “I witnessed Chief Fani-Kayode direct his bodyguards to completely strip his chef naked on the allegation that they stole from him. He sometimes drags his staff to the police station where they remain for days.

“I was treated in a similar way too. Chief Fani-Kayode instructed one Bako to strip me naked and then beat me up. I was taken to the police station.”

The former nanny also accused the former minister of sexual harassment. See Also Scandal How Fani-Kayode Sexually Harassed Me, Asked His Bodyguards To Strip, Flog Me— Nanny

Uchenna said, “Fani-Kayode has sexually harassed me on different occasions. One of those times was when his wife instructed me to take her son to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’s room and as I was placing the child on the bed, I felt his hand on my buttocks.

“He threatens to beat me up whenever I protest against his harassments. I am aware that he sexually harasses other female staff members too. I know that he sexually harassed one Blessing who also worked with him and as a result, she had to quit her job.”

Uchenna, who said she was paid N80,000 per month, added that the ex-minister owed her three months salary.

But Anthony in a statement sighted by SaharaReporters debunked the allegations, saying they were all lies from the pit of hell. See Also Exclusive EXCLUSIVE: Fani-Kayode Caught On Tape Threatening Domestic Worker With Hammer

She alleged that the estranged wife of the former minister, Precious Chikwendu, was behind a conspiracy to tarnish his image.

Anthony, who claimed to be a pastor, said there was never a time the Fani-Kayode assaulted anyone.

She said the lady in the viral video was sacked in 2019 for allegedly stealing.

“My name is Pastor Favour Anthony. I am the head nurse of Chief Fani-Kayode. I have been working with him and the children for four years,” the statement read.

“It has been brought to my attention that one Anthonia, who was sacked in 2019, has gone to the press and made a video in which she has told many lies against Chief Fani-Kayode.

"She has also made a video which is full of falsehood and fabrications, she also swore to a fake affidavit making these allegations. This matter is now under criminal investigation and Anthonia was told to tell these lies together with five other former staff members just to tarnish Chief Fani-Kayode's name.

“In all my four years of working in Chief Fani-Kayode’s house, none of the staff members was sexually molested, including men. And no staff member was ever stripped naked, this is a ridiculous claim and it never happened. See Also Scandal Participants Blast Fani-Kayode Over Treatment Of Ex-wife As He Speaks On Democracy Youth Roundtable

“I am the head nurse and the first person anyone would have reported such things to is me, it never happened. The allegations of sexual harassment are also false because everybody knows how disciplined chief Fani-Kayode is around those that take care of his children.

“There are also many people who have worked here before who will tell you the truth. I am a married woman and a pastor. My husband is also a pastor and we have our own church, I have not lied and do not need to lie.

“For four years up until today, no less than 15 nannies and nurses worked under me and not one of them has ever complained about Chief Fani-Kayode.”

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