Nigerians on social media have started reacting to the account of Uduak Akpan, the prime suspect in the murder of slain Akwa Ibom Job seeker, Iniubong Umoren, who was paraded on Friday before pressmen.

SaharaReporters earlier reported how the Akwa Ibom State Police Command paraded Akpan, the suspected killer to dismiss rumour of his death in custody. 

The suspect who was paraded alongside his father said he killed the girl in self-defence and not intentionally. 

"I invited her for a job and I asked her whether she can work on a farm as secretary. I told her that I wanted to sleep with her first. She agreed on a condition that I will use a condom which I also agreed to. She became furious when I started removing the condom, and she attacked me. I was bleeding so I needed to defend myself by hitting her which lead to her death," he said. 

He claimed she used a nearby stabiliser to hit him in the "head and bit me on my left hand finger.

"While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the stabiliser to hit her and when I hit her, she fell and started bleeding and thereafter, she died."

However, the state commissioner of police, Andrew Amiengheme, said it was necessary to have the press conference because of the rumour that was going around in the media that the suspect had committed suicide in the cell.

"I don't know anywhere in the world that a suspect will be allowed to use trousers in the cell to the extent of killing himself with it.

"Social media that is supposed to be a tool that will work to the advantage of the police has become something that is working against them," he said. 

But Akpan's account has attracted outrage on social media as many Nigerians have described his story as false and scripted.

Some tweeps described the saga as some sort of conspiracy by ‘higher powers' to cover up the murder case. 

Many also questioned the demeanour of the suspect, after he confessed to committing the crime. Some social media users opined that he was not remorseful as he looked calm and relaxed.

Others questioned the ‘executive treatment' the suspect got, relating it to the sitting position while many described the parade as ‘a press conference'.

Many Nigerians have also paid attention to the inscription on the shirt of the suspect which reads, ”The mudder squad," saying as a murder suspect, he showed audacity to have won such a T-shirt. Many people also noted that he was treated better by the police than #EndSARS protesters, arrested and killed for having peaceful processions. 

Little is being said of his father who was paraded alongside him.

Journalists at the parade were also accused of unprofessionalism as a result of the questions asked.

A Twitter user, @2014Orji said, “The story/narratives will keep changing with each new day until their main objective (mutilating the truth beyond recognition) is achieved in the end. But you know what? God pass man! The law enforcers might fail her, but the supreme Judge will deliver His final verdict with time.”

Another user, @gwenshuga stated, “There’s a conspiracy in this whole set-up. Self-defence when you have invited 6 different girls, why is he still alive?”

@GbolahanObadime tweeted, “When did farm job interview turn to sex practice? Was it also in self-defence he buried her without informing the police? We demand an accelerated hearing of his case & the case be concluded within three months of commencement and six months to appeal & the supreme court. He killed a dream."

@adegbolaodugbesi said, “Was there even a farm job? Not to talk of demanding sex for work. Sexual exploitation, assault, kidnapping, assassination, concealment of evidence, connivance & collusion to conceal evidence. I feel this guy committed an intentional and premeditated murder. #JusticeforHinyHumoren."

@_thedreamdaily wrote, “#JusticeforHinyHumoren. The quality of QUE our colleagues asked alleged rapist/murderer Uduak Akpan today left much to be desired. Practically led the suspect to slut-shame the victim & impugn on her modesty and she can never exercise her right of reply! It is a sad day to be a journalist in Nigeria.”

@AishatRamos tweeted, “I knew it was going to be hard to get justice, the very day the news of her death broke, the police representative said at a point 'as a matter of fact she was the one that hit him first'. #JusticeforHinyHumoren.”

@OpeQuadri, “See Uduak Akpan how clean he looks in police custody despite the horrid condition of police cells. #JusticeforHinyHumoren.”

A tweep, @Mmachi_m tweeted, “What is this? A coordinated script is being played here. They are now trying to paint Hiny as someone she's not. That Frank and the people behind him will never know peace. #JusticeforHinyHumoren.”

@ObasiFoundation said, “Just look at the inscription on his shirt 'The Mudder Squad'. Walahi this hardened killer doesn't & didn't work alone. I don't know why the CP is defending him as he knows him before. There's so much still hidden but we must keep putting pressure to get #JusticeforHinyHumoren.”

@AdeHardemola wrote, “I used to think the system was corrupt but in the face of this Umoren case and The Mudder Squad, the system is murderous.

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