Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon says that with collective and concerted prayers from all Nigerians irrespective of religion or ethnicity, the country will win the war against armed banditry, kidnapping and other social ills bedevilling the corporate existence of the country.

Gowon made the assertion at a one-day prayer rally to seek God’s intervention held at the Calvary Life Assembly, Nomansland, Kano.

Optimistic that Nigeria will overcome the worrisome disability confronting it, he urged the Christian faithful not to renege on their faith in God.

“We need God intervention to bail us out of the predicaments facing us as a nation.

“Our gathering in Kano today is an expression of our love and faith in our country Nigeria for God to hear our prayer and heal the land.

“We are bringing before our Lord the myriads of our problems: insecurity, banditry, murders, political, economic and social problems. God, help us find solution to all these problems that have given our country a bad image.

“Lord, hear our sincere confession of our wrongs in the past and present and forgive us as a people and nation. We ask for forgiveness and mercy. Lord, heal our nation and heal us individually and collectively,” Gowon, who is the chairman and convener of Nigeria Prays, said.

As Head of State, Gowon presided over the controversial Nigerian Civil War in 1967.

The Civil War is listed as one of the deadliest in modern history, with some accusing Gowon of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Gowon maintains that he committed no wrongdoing during the war and that his leadership saved the country.

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