After 61 years of a miserable journey searching for peace and unity, same has been deliberately destroyed by the Nigerian Government upon arriving at the point of realisation. The government has done this through its familiar weapons of hatred and nepotism.

Nigeria is currently sitting on the keg of gunpowder. The war being propelled by Buhari’s regime will consume the whole country and destroy all what is left.

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Nnamdi Kanu has never been Nigeria’s problem until the government with its dubious and miserable actions  proscribed the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), labelling it a terrorists organisation while leaving Mayetti Allah as the “saint” organisation despite wreaking havoc throughout the entire country and publicly taking responsibility for their actions.

But it has to be said that those who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting the people’s interests but refused to do so are the real terrorists. They are the main problems facing the country.

If the government had fixed the economy and dealt decisively with criminals without funding terrorists under the guise of “repentant bandits,” no one would have been advocating for self-determination. Injustice, marginalisation, nepotism are the vices that fuel all forms of agitations.

Any government that cannot dialogue with peaceful protesters will only crumble the national unity of its country by ordering overzealous military men to open fire on unarmed citizens making legitimate demands on the streets.

There has never been such an alarming division and hatred in Nigeria than the one created by dictator Buhari’s regime.

 Indeed, the hatred created by Buhari’s government between Northerners and Southerners is beyond reconciliation. 
Let’s not forget that  under this regime, the so-called “repentant  Boko Haram terrorists” are getting special treatment from this clueless government in what may be termed a presidential pardon after their atrocities against thousands of innocent people.

You cannot beat a child and still prevent that child from yelling. Re-arresting Nnamdi Kanu is not the solution to end the killings and kidnappings across Nigeria. 

It can only create more tension in the land. Perhaps, many people will continue to rise if overzealous government officials do not handle this case with proper care.

For those mocking Nnamdi Kanu over his arrest, Kanu is simply paving the way for his people’s liberation. Although freedom comes by struggle, the only alternative way to have peace in Nigeria is for the government to arrest all the terrorist leaders, including Mayetti Allah.

If these efforts and energies wasted on Nnamdi Kanu’s re-arrest had been channelled towards Fulani terrorists and bandits, Nigeria would have been the safest place for everybody, including foreign investors.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Gumi is moving freely on the street, granting interviews on behalf of the terrorists, all because he has the backing of the Buhari regime. 

The regime’s silence and tolerance of terrorism recently emboldened the union between ISWAP and Boko Haram with Nigerians as their primary victims where people are to be killed in the name of Jihad.

Our Northern brothers who are jubilating over Nnamdi Kanu re-arrest should be ashamed of themselves. How many times have they come out for a protest against the incessant killings and kidnappings of young children in the North?

Terrorists have been killing people in the North for more than a decade, while bandits and the nomadic Fulani herdsmen see kidnapping as a lucrative business to venture into. Yet none of them have come out to demand dictator Buhari’s resignation even when they are the highest casualties of Buhari’s woes.

The worst the government can do is to jail Kanu, and with that,  some desperate politicians will use that to snowball and negotiate for 2023 presidential ticket.

 But unbeknownst to dictator Buhari and his desperate cabal, the more they keep Nnamdi Kanu, the more they strengthen the power of the struggle for self-determination.

Malami and other overlapping government officials should be held responsible in the event that anything happens to Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB only wants an independent state of Biafra through an independent referendum, not war. 

Once again, you cannot kill an idea whose time has come. Killing or jailing Nnamdi Kanu can never stop people from exercising their rights to self-determination. Alas, thousands  of Nnamdi Kanus are out there waiting to continue the struggle.

And whilst dictator Buhari and members of his corrupt cabal celebrate so foolishly, they may need to be reminded that Kanu has not been proven guilty and that they lack the capacity to influence that.

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