An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Bello Yabo, has urged residents of Sokoto State to kill one Isma’ila Sani Isah who is currently in police detention for allegedly posting a blasphemous comment against Prophet Muhammad (SAW) via his social media handle.

Isah had reportedly made the comments upon failing to secure a local government job to register his grievances against the Islamic religion.

He is currently being detained at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Sokoto State Police Command.

In a video trending online, Yabo said Isah must be killed anytime the police release him.

According to the cleric, a Muslim who blasphemes ‘must be killed’

He said, “Someone insulted the Apostle of Allah in Sokoto. He wrote on Facebook and made a lot of statements that are very unpleasant to the Prophet of Mercy; inside Sokoto. And I said he has made a grave mistake. It is not in Sokoto that this level of stupidity is done. We just kill. For us, as far as it concerns the Apostle of Allah, ours is to kill. This is not Kano. People of Kano are business people.

“That is why someone would refer to the Apostle of Allah gay and they waste time debating; they refer to the Apostle of Allah as an adulterer and they waste time debating. Here, we just kill. Whoever touches the Apostle of Allah, our responsibility to him is to kill,” he said in Hausa.

The cleric added, “May God bless you Sokoto citizens of Shehu (The Sheikh). Whoever follows Facebook and other social media and sees the way you came out en masse and went to the Palace of the Sultan, shows that the People of Sokoto are standing on the precepts laid down for them by Usman Dan Fodio. Therefore, may Allah bless you.

“The very moment he is released, kill him. The issue of him being insane is irrelevant. If he was insane, does he have no one to blaspheme against apart from the Apostle of Allah? We are also insane because they have touched the Prophet. So, he is insane, we too are insane. The moment he is released, kill him. Not just him alone, whoever touches the Apostle of Allah, kill him. He has no other judgment; even if it’s Bello Yabo (himself) that touches the Apostle of Allah has no judgment other than being killed.”

SaharaReporters had reported on April 1 how residents of Sade Community in the Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State burnt a man to death for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Some of the residents had explained that the youths dragged the victim, Talle Mia Ruwa from a police post in the community where he was initially kept, overpowered the police personnel and dragged the middle-aged man to the community square where they killed him.

SaharaReporters reported that irate youths, supported by leaders in Sade community in the Darazo LGA, burnt Talle Mai Ruwa for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. 

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