Personnel of the Nigerian Navy have assaulted a woman, dispossessing her of her smart phone and throwing it into a river at Owerrinta in Abia State.

The lady, who spoke on the condition of anonymity with SaharaReporters, stated that the navy personnel harassed and threatened her, claiming that she was filming them at the checkpoint.

According to her, the incident happened last Thursday, when she boarded a motorcycle which was heading for Okpoala before she was stopped by the security personnel standing with a rifle at a checkpoint in between Imo and Abia states.

"As a normal routine, I and the bike man went down from the bike just to cross the checkpoint on foot. The bike man dragged his bike while I followed him with my phone inside my pocket.

"At this point, my phone rang and I decided to bring it off my pocket to know who was calling me. I have always used this route so I know I can't take calls until I cross the bitter-looking armed naval operatives.

"Unfortunately, a tall dark navy personnel looking like Fulani concluded that I was taking a picture of him which was a lie. My phone rang out loud and it was impossible for me to be taking pictures same time.

"These I tried explaining to him, but he hurriedly snatched the phone off me and smashed it countless times on the tarred road. Looking at the already pieced phone with tears in my eyes, I pleaded to have at least my SIM cards, but the wicked soul instead picked the smashed phone and threw it into the nearby river.

"I'm highly pained because my smart phone is my livelihood, I earn my living with it and that's why I don't joke with it," she added.

There have been recent reports of brutality by military personnel stationed in the South-East region who intimidate passers-by including motorists and bus drivers who go about their business activities.

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