A security guard with Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Bwari, Abuja who was stabbed in the stomach by armed robbers has died from serious complications.

The victim, John Yahaya was said to be on duty when about 10 armed robbers invaded the church on Monday, October 4 and while resisting them, he was stabbed in the stomach.

Paul Enenche

However, the church had denied several reports of the raid by the robbers on its premises and attack on one of its security guards. 

In what seems like a cover-up, Yahaya was buried in his hometown in Southern Kaduna following his death on Saturday, October 23 at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital (UNIABUJATH) in Gwagwalada where he was being treated. 

He was said to have been rushed to a private hospital where some surgeries were performed on him but as he developed complications, he was taken to UNIABUJATH.

The news of his death has since thrown the church and estate into apprehension and mourning as some members of the church have been discussing the incident in hushed tones.

A member said, "John was a good person who ought not to have died like that. On the day he was stabbed, he was to collect the invitation cards for his wedding from the printer. The marriage had been scheduled for December this year. May his soul rest in peace. If our security guard could be stabbed and no arrest made, then, who is safe?

"When we read the report, they told us to do damage control, that we should not believe news from social media. We were warned not to tell anyone.”

According to some other members, some months ago, Yahaya apprehended some thieves from adjoining shanties who came to steal in the church and handed them over to the security outfit in the estate.

However, pastors in the church protested against this and prevailed on the security guards to allow them to go and nothing has since been heard of it. 

Speculations have been rife that the thieves who were allowed to go could be responsible for John's death as the robbers did not cart away any valuables after completing their mission.

Meanwhile, the Founder of Dunamis Church, Paul Enenche, in a live telecast debunked the claim there was an attack on the church. 

He said, "Listen to me: When you tell a story that is not true, it is hellfire you are playing with. 

"I also want to make it clear – there is demonic news that someone drew my attention to, that the devil’s church, not this church, was attacked and worshippers were attacked by armed men. 

"What they said, there is no truth in it. In a particular location, petty thieves tried to come and steal something in the night, were resisted, the alarm was raised and they ran off, over the fence. Then some demonic agent picked a hint of such an unsuccessful misadventure of petty criminals and calls it ‘armed men attack worshippers’. 

"That devil is a bastard. Nothing like that ever happened, nothing like that has happened or will ever happen in the Name of Jesus! Let it be made very clear that rumour, untruth, fallacy and fabrications are being pushed in the air. And everybody pushing such should be ashamed of themselves for pushing stories that are not true!"

"So if you leave here and anybody tells you that they heard something, tell them that it is a lie from the pit of hell! Both the devil who concocted it and the intention of that devil suffers frustration. It can never see the light of day!

"Please be more excited with good news than bad news. There is news that you should never push."

The church was also recently in the news

for controversial reasons when five youths were arrested during the church’s Sunday service on July 4. 

The five protesters — Ben Manasseh, Anene Udoka, Henry Nwodo, Samuel Larry and Samuel Gabriel (a blind saxophonist) — were, on July 4, arrested by the DSS for wearing T-shirts with ‘Buhari-Must-Go’ inscription to the church.

The church's security guards handed them over to the Department of State Services (DSS), but the church initially denied having a hand in their arrest. 

The young men subsequently dragged the church and the secret police to court over their illegal arrest, detention and violation of their human rights. 

The DSS on August 4 released the five ‘Buhari-Must-Go’ protesters over a week after a court ordered their release.

The Federal High Court in Abuja had, on July 25, ordered the DSS to release the five protesters.

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