Children between the ages of three to eight years have formed a human barricade at Zaranda Hotel junction along Bauchi-Jos Road, Bauchi, to protest moves by the Nigerian Army to evict them from their communities. 

The children are residents of communities sharing a border with the Shadawanka Army Barracks in Bauchi.

With the approval of their parents and youths of the affected communities, they were seen lying down across the width of the very busy road on Saturday while also chanting protest songs, Vanguard reports. 

Their action has caused heavy traffic along the road, leaving many travellers stranded.

Meanwhile, some days ago, members of the community protested an order by the army to vacate their ancestral land. 

As stated by Arewa Voice, the large expanse of land occupied majorly by the army in the centre of Bauchi city was home to many Bauchi indigenes for several centuries before it was allocated to the military during General Yakubu Gowon's regime in the 1970s without compensation and resettlement of the occupants of the communities.

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