A Nigerian man, Bamidele Jamiu, has narrated his unpleasant experience with officers of the G Division Police Station in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Jamiu said he was arriving from his shop where he worked as a phone technician on Thursday, December 2, 2021 on a motorcycle when he alongside other motorcyclists were accosted by police officers.

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According to him, the officers seized the motorcycles after informing the riders that the state government had placed a restriction on motorcycle operations from 10:00pm.

However, Jamiu said he pointed out to the officers that the time of arrest was just some minutes past 9:00pm.

He said rather than get an answer; he was beaten and dragged by the officers from the gate to the cell. 

He said, “I was coming from the shop, I work in Challenge as a phone technician, on my way home at Oloje, G Division, I saw police officers, they stopped us and asked us to alight and we obeyed, they then seized our motorcycle and took it into their station.

“This was around 9:10pm and they told us the government has already warned everyone that we should not ride motorcycles and tricycles at 10:00pm but we were arrested at 9:10pm.

“I told them we had not committed any offence because it was not even time yet. They started hitting me, beat me up and dragged me from their gate to their cell.

“I didn't kill neither did I rape yet they locked me up, what kind of country see we in? Why are law enforcement officers not obeying the law?" he queried.

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