When Nigerians peer into 2022 and beyond, they see a country in decline economically, politically, and the most dangerous place on earth to live. There’s no democracy in the world more politically divided, politically dysfunctional, and politically undemocratic than Nigeria today. 

Only the profiteers of the rot, destroyers of Nigeria, are optimistic about Nigeria’s future. In 2022, nothing will change for the better. In fact, it will get worse: Light gives way to darkness. Hope gives way to doubt. Democracy gives way to tyranny. Freedom gives way to oppression. Liberty gives way to subjugation. Peace gives way to conflict. Order gives way to anarchy. It’s going to be a de-ja vu all over again!

Nigerians foresee a country with the widest gap between the rich and the poor. Nigerians will have a harder time making ends meet than they did in 2021. General Muhammadu Buhari, the butcher of Aso Rock, will not change his ways. Indeed, he will become more tyrannical, nepotistic, cruel, and sadistic. Nigerians see the country’s future more darkly. The unity of the country will be decidedly grim and impossible. The country’s moral health will be worse than ever. Children and the elderly will experience more brutal life. Millions of children will be left without proper care and education. The family concept will be further destroyed. 

As usual, the butcher of Aso Rock and the ruling native imperialists will be more tone deaf to the needs and problems of Nigerians. They will continue to divide the poor against the poor. Communities will be increasingly devastated. Inequality will be intensified. Hunger, sickness, violence, poverty, unemployment, will quadruple and will further decimate the poor. The remaining defenders of the decaying old order will stop at nothing to ensure the total collapse of Nigeria. 

Nigeria in 2022 will witness democratic suicide and will settle for a full blown dictatorship. If the campaign year to 2023 elections is a mirror, then we should expect a country where citizens are choked with fear and soaked in blood. In 2022, Nigerians will not only face increased terrorism, brutality, torture, economic collapse, government corruption, it’s the stakes of the election itself that poses a doomsday to Nigerians. 

With tedious familiarity, 2022 will be a year of no return for Nigeria. The one billion naira question is: Will Nigeria finally collapse in her age of despair? Or one of hope in the dark? Agitation for self-determination will be loudest fueled by the lethal mix of terrorism, violent political campaigns, political assassinations, kidnapping, hunger, chaos, crises, hopelessness, helplessness, and social upheavals. The butcher will plunge Nigeria into a bottomless pit of foreign debt ever recorded in our history.

The butcher of Aso Rock will not release Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu, and Omoyele Sowore. The butcher will continue his ethnic cleansing mission with jihadist fervor.

As we crawl to 2023 election year, time grows shorter. Aggrieved Nigerians will be forced from their dying communities into a larger society that has no place for them. The fight for self-determination draws closer everyday to the country’s city walls. It is imminent. It is inevitable.

Welcome to Nigeria twenty thousand and twenty-two!


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