President Muhamadu Buhari has reacted to the gruesome killing of a pregnant woman from Adamawa State, identified as Harira Jibril, along with her four children in Anambra State on Sunday.

Through a statement released by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the president described the killing as evil and warned the killers "to expect a tough response from the security forces."

He also condemned the creation of panic, disruption of lives and livelihoods, or even retaliatory violence following the viral videos of the alleged killings.

The President noted that “agencies are now verifying the authenticity of the claims that accompany the horrid pictures being circulated.”

Hence, he advised citizens to avoid hasty steps or conclusions that could exacerbate the situation, and on the contrary, keep to a line of conduct that will help the law to take its proper course.

He also cautioned the public against the indiscriminate sharing of posts on social media to deny vested interests who seek to divide the country and create disturbance the chance to do so.


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