Rescuers relaxed their search operations on Monday afternoon following unsuccessful efforts to locate and recover the body of the medical doctor who reportedly plunged into the Lagos Lagoon on the Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday evening.

The medical doctor, identified as Allwell Orji, had ordered his driver to pull over in what was a mysterious incident, while he stepped out and dove into the lagoon. He immediately drowned, as the incidence truncated his journey to a conference of dentists and medical practitioners on Lagos Island.

The family of the deceased medical doctor, Allwell Orji, mourns

Officers of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and marine operators said they had no trace of the body in the waters since the commencement of their emergency operation.

Our reporter who visited the home of the victim today said that mother of the victim was flanked by sympathizers, who constantly consoled her. The elderly woman tried, momentarily, to force some smiles but they were short lived.

Eventually, she pleaded with the sympathizers to let her have some time alone, asking to be allowed to sleep. She explained that she had not slept since the incident.

Rescuers search for the body of Allwell Orji in the Lagos Lagoon

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