The war of words that President Muhammadu Buhari and Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo started on Tuesday over the latter’s supposed $16billion-power-project investments is spreading far beyond them; it is their aides who are fanning the embers of the flame.

After Buhari suggested Obasanjo spent that much on power projects with nothing to show, Femi Fani-Kayode — whom Obasanjo appointed as Special Assistant on Public Affairs, later Culture and Tourism Minister, and finally Aviation Minister — responded on Wednesday by saying the former President made a mistake by not jailing Buhari when there was sufficient reason to.

“The greatest mistake that President Obasanjo made was not to prosecute and jail President Buhari for looting PTF funds,” Fani-Kayode said

“I saw the report and it was shocking. Billions of dollars had vanished. Obasanjo summoned him and showed him the damning report. Buhari begged like a baby. Sadly Obasanjo let him off the hook.”

Now, Festus Kenyamo, whom Buhari recently appointed as spokesperson for his re-election campaign, has fired back.

“The real greatest mistake that OBJ made as President was the appointment of some crackhead into his cabinet with the hope they would stop sniffing the stuff,” Keyamo tweeted on Wednesday evening. “Apparently, that didn’t work, hence years later they’re still on the stuff and recalling things about PMB that never happened."

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